How To: Burn a photo album to a CD on a Mac

For those of us who like to back up our pictures frequently, iPhoto has a handy "burn" function that allows you to back-up or share your pictures without launching a separate application. It's easy, we'll show you how. Burn a photo album to a CD on a Mac.

How To: Export iPhoto slideshows as video

You can export your iPhoto slideshow as a video. First select photos, you want to use in the slideshow. Now you need to click on + button in iPhoto which is located at the bottom of the iPhoto. Then click slideshow and make sure "Use selected items...." box is checked and then click create. It will create the slideshow on the left. You can change the settings of your slideshow by clicking the setting icon, located at the bottom. There you can change the settings of your slideshow like link th...

How To: Make a family photo album with iPhoto

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a family photo album with iPhoto. First, you will load your photos onto iPhoto from your digital camera. After this, you can combine all the photos from one event and label them into one album. You can use facial recognition on one photo to find more pictures of the person you're searching for. Once you open up a new scrapbook photo album, you can drag the picture into it. After this, you can add in text about the trip and then insert titles. You can als...

How To: Use iPhoto Smart Albums

In this video, we learn how to use iPhoto Smart Albums. These are useful for organizing your photos to see what you have. First, create a smart album on the file menu, then name it and go through the drop down menus to choose how you want to categorize your pictures. Choose the type of camera model you used, then you can see what photos you have that are taken with the type of camera that you used. This is very easy if you have a lot of photos and want to go through them easily. It also separ...

How To: Disable iPhoto's auto open when you connect a camera

By default, iPhoto will open as soon as your Mac detects a digital camera or iPhone. In this tutorial, learn how to change your iPhoto settings so that it does not automatically open. The auto open is a good feature, but can be annoying, especially if you are just using your computer to charge your device and do not need to import any files. iPhoto's auto-open can disrupt other activities you may be involved in on your computer. In this video, Luke will take you step by step through the proce...

How To: Put together a slideshow with Apple's iPhoto 11

Wondering how to show your family the 26,000 photos of recent trip to Mauritius? Well, it's easy with Apple's iPhoto 11, and this step-by-step tutorial. Select the photos you want, choose your delay time, add music and it's showtime! You won't have the overheating projector lights and the click-clack of the slide carousel, but you WILL have a much happier audience.

How To: Create a web gallery in iPhoto '08 with MobileMe

If you have a MobileMe account, use your MobileMe gallery to share your favorite photos with others online. This Apple iLife tutorial shows you how to load your photos into iPhoto and organize them and prepare them to put them in a web gallery. Once you have your photos ready in iPhoto, you will learn how to create a web gallery with MobileMe and upload everything to your MobileMe gallery.

How To: Create a full color photo book in iPhoto '08

Don't waste time at the store looking for the perfect photo album to put your vacation photos in. If you have iPhoto, you can do everything right from your computer. This Apple iLife tutorial shows you how to choose, organize and edit your photos, add them to a collection and turn them into a full color photo book. You do the work in iPhoto, then send it off to Apple to be professionally printed and bound - no cheesy Hallmark photo album necessary!

How To: Create a calendar in iPhoto '08

Photo albums and cards can get to be a boring way to display or share photos. This tutorial shows you how to create a calendar out of your photos using iPhoto '08. Hang it on your own wall at work or home, or send it to grandparents and family members. You will have to pay for Apple to print and ship your finished product.

How To: Use Enlarge It in the Essentials plugin for iPhoto

Learn how to get started with Enlarge It - one of the tools available in the Essentials plug-in for iPhoto. This Essentials tutorial covers setting the pixel dimensions and document size controls of your iPhoto images using the Enlarge It tool. Learning how to use these controls will help you resize photos without destroying the final print quality. Use Enlarge It in the Essentials plugin for iPhoto.

How To: Use advanced controls of Enlarge It plugin for iPhoto

This Essentials iPhoto plug-in tutorial covers the advanced controls in the Texture, Sharpening and Film Grain control panes of the Enlarge It! tool. The Essentials plugin offers a visual interface for editing images and photos in iPhoto and contains many different tools. In this particular Essentials tutorial, you will learn how to use the advanced controls of the Enlarge It! tool. Use advanced controls of Enlarge It plugin for iPhoto.

How To: Navigate the interface of the Blur It plugin in iPhoto

This iPhoto tutorial shows you how to navigate your way around the user interface of the Blur It tool in the Essentials plug-in. This tutorial covers the control panes, preview area and menu bar navigation of Blur It! This Essentials iPhoto plug-in tool makes it easy to visualize and adjust the focal point and areas of a photo you want blurred. Navigate the interface of the Blur It plugin in iPhoto.

How To: Use vignette & film grain control in Blur It in iPhoto

Adding a vignette is a great compliment to a softened edge. This Essentials plug-in tutorial for iPhoto teaches you how to use the vignette control to add a dark or light edge. Also learn how to use the Film Grain control within the Blur It! tool of Essentials 2 to further adjust your iPhoto images. Use vignette & film grain control in Blur It in iPhoto.

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